What We Do

  • Sports Streaming
    • – Live streaming-specialising in sports that are not covered by traditional television coverage
    • – Assisting to get your sporting event to a market that it would not normally be able to access .
    • – Assist you in providing a broadcasting an affordable solution that with the assistance of advertising can be cost neutral in the early stages with a view to moving to monetising your content and being profitable as audiences and awareness grows.
    • – We can provide a simple low cost solution – 1 camera 1 angle, all the way to more sophisticated solutions – multiple cameras and angles, with scoreboards, time clocks and commentary.
    • – The more professional the coverage, the more viewers, the longer viewers stay watching, the easier is it is to attract sponsors.
  • Radio & Podcast Livestreaming

  • Annual General Meetings
  • School Events / Concerts / Graduation Days
  • University Events – Graduation Ceremonies
  • Church Services (Weddings –Christenings etc. livestreamed for interstate or overseas relatives)
  • Auctions
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